Reflection on Team Work

NAME: omojola omowunmi
Student ID: 3976896
Team work is a very cogent way to learn and it is also relevant to workplace. According to my understanding, teamwork involves the actions that members in a group take to achieve a common objective.
Roles of an ideal team
Dr Meredith Belbin gave nine roles of a team and they include the following
Plant:   creative, imaginative and solves different problems
Resource investigator: extroverts, enthusiastic and communicative, develops contacts
Co-ordinator:   mature, confident, clarifies goals and promotes decision making.
Shaper: challenging, has the drive and courage to overcome obstacles.
Team worker:   good listener, cooperative, mild, perceptive and diplomatic.
Implementer: disciplined, reliable, conservative and efficient, turns ideas into practical actions
Completer: painstaking, anxious, searches out errors and omissions, delivers on time.
Specialist: single-minded, self sharing, dedicated, provides knowledge and skills in rare supply. Mullins 2010:343
This report is based on my experience from one of this term’s module: marketing in a global age. We were made to choose our teams using our own canniness. We turned out to be five members in my group and on weekly basis, various activities were carried out by various teams. We were made to conduct debates and PowerPoint presentations on topics provided by our seminar tutor. The topics were focused on different units of the marketing knowledge cast. The group’s name is the A2 ambassadors. Two members of the team are Africans while the other three members are Asians. That was why we came up with the name: A2 ambassadors. This team work has provided an opportunity for me to connect with my fellow students, learn new ideas and share some of my own ideas and most importantly, cooperate and communicate effectively with people of different cultural backgrounds and views of life. This has being a very significant experience since the commencement of my postgraduate...