Team Work, Cultural Diversity and Nursing Care Post

1. Team Work Post
      In the beginning of this course, l only had a limited knowledge about the importance of working as a team.   I realise that this limited knowledge was a result of my past experience in observing how others interacted in the team.   My knowledge about team work was limited to being either positive or negative towards other team members. Hackman 1987, Weindieck 1992 and Guzzo and Shea (1992) and sited Martin Hoegl, sees team work as to mean a social system comprising about three or more members within an organization and the people around sees them as team members and they perceive themselves to be the same According to Mosby (2010 p 1591, team nursing is a system in which patient care is being divided among other nurses working together for the best treatment of client and best outcomes.   A charge nurse becomes the overall leader and appoints a nurse as a team leader to lead about 5 or more other nurses, dividing the client among them.   As l progress from my earlier post, l now discover that team work is more than working with your colleague at work.   It also includes other allied health professionals and information regarding client have to be shared with them in confidence. Some of the merits of team work is emphasized when there is quality of collaboration, among the members.

          2. Cultural Diversity Post
      Germov   ( 2002   p137), stated that   Australia possess differing cultural diversity   in the areas of class, gender, race and ethnicity.   Prior to commencement of this course, my belief in health industry was only influenced by experiences l had while growing up and the observations l made which living close to other people from different cultural background.   My health care practices have changed due to multicultural experiences l acquired, while moving away from my culture.   As someone from different cultural background, l have enormous understanding of   what it feels like when my cultural...