Team Building

The Value of Team Diversity
Unit 1 Team Building and Conflict Resolution IP
Karen S. Frank
American InterContinental University

The boss of a project management company has asked for his team manager to put together a presentation for the corporation in relation to the value of diversity in teams. This variety will be shown to have worth in a team environment. At the completion of this individual project the reasons for diversity at the team level will be defined.

The Value of Team Diversity
To understand the value of a team one must first define what a team is. A team is defined as a small amount of people with skills that appear to compliment one another and are committed to a common intent, performance target and a method for which they are considered equally responsible. Administering to a team is one of the largest tests that manager's confront as they lead a team from diverse circumstances and ethnicity in completing difficult projects.
Building a Diverse Team:
In looking to build a diverse team, one needs to define the purpose of that team in order to have the right information to assemble the very best people that work cohesively together (Manning, M., 2009). One might assume that gathering people from the same backgrounds and styles is simpler than working with ones from diverse backgrounds. Although some of that may be true, people that think alike arrive at similar conclusions, variety injects a richness of ideas into the team (Manning, M., 2009). It is vital for each member to embrace each other's differences and to treat each other equally.
There are many different areas in which a team can add diversity. One area is gender. As men and women approach a subject from different angles, their views can add a depth to a project. Professions can also make a difference as to how a person thinks in relation to a goal (Manning, M., 2009). For example, a chief executive officer will bring different views to the table than...