Cross-Functional Team

Cross-Functional Teams
Working With Allies, Enemies & Other Strangers

Glenn M. Parker, author of “Cross-Functional Teams”, is a consultant who works with organizations to improve quality and productivity by creating high-performance teams.   His training and team-building techniques are becoming the standard for building teams in today’s business place.   His ideas, techniques, and advice have been utilized by many companies such as, Merck and Company, Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, 3M, and AT&T.   Parker lives in Lawrenceville, New Jersey with his wife Judy.   In his spare time he plays tennis, cheers on the Philadelphia 76ers, and plans his next vacation.   His book, “Cross-Functional Teams”, provides practical and helpful approaches to establishing cross-functional teams.   Cross-Functional teams link people from different parts of an organization which is helpful in comprising cross-functional teams of any discipline in any industry to work collaboratively and attain functionality and profitable growth.  
The world we live in is changing and so is the world of business.   This book describes how a cross-functional team is composed, obstacles to success and strategies for the implementation of effective cross-functional teams.   Effective cross-functional teams have many advantages such as; speed, complexity, customer focus, creativity, organizational learning, and single point of contact.   Although some of the advantages apply to other types of teams as well, these advantages are especially true when played out in cross-functional teams and its factors.   The context of such factors as leadership and empowerment, goal-setting, performance appraisal and rewards, interpersonal relations and management support.   In the middle of these factors sits cross-functional teams that are composed of experts, who posses a variety of functions, that are ready to move quickly and flexibly to adapt to the changing needs of the organization.
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