Bhs328 Team Building Mod 1

Module 1 Case Assignment
Core Professor: Dr. Walter D. Rutherford
23 January 2011

          This paper will address a two-part scenario with me being appointed to head the local division of a health care management organization.  A colleague wishes to assemble several employees to meet periodically together.

          According to Webster’s Dictionary the word “Team” is defined as “A number of persons associated together in any work; a gang; especially, a number of persons selected to contend on one side in a match, or a series of matches, in a cricket, football, rowing, etc”. The circumstances in which the group would be considered a "team" is number one; clear team goals, number two; identify issues which might prevent the team from reaching there goal, number three; address issues by removing the inhibitors and enabling achievement of goals.
          Motivation is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behavior. If you can find what motivates people then you can get them to do almost anything, the number one motivator by far is of course money. This is where the entire concept of bonuses came from, now what people do with that money in lies the real motivation. Most people once they get personally involved in a project their motivation changes depending on what kind of person they are. Most people with good discipline, and good values will take ownership of the project becoming more involved and take pride in the work they do.
          There are always going to be some good and bad parts to working as a team. When working as a team you will have to have a team leader to point the team in the right direction, keep the team focused on the job at hand. There are going to be some people that just don’t get along, or some that get along too well and are there just to spend time...