Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments.

To contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments I would first prepare the environment by making sure that all the percussion instruments were available for the pupils to use just incase another class were using them too. I would also make sure that all the equipment is safe to use and theres nothing that would harm any of the pupils. I also would make sure I know how to use the instruments and to review any details just incase the pupils have any questions i will then be able to answer. Also the environment too would need to be checked to make sure thats safe too. The percussion instruments also need to match each pupils individual needs. I need to take into account what the teachers learning objective is so i can make sure the pupils are carrying through with their learning objective. I need to assist in creating a safe learning environment and make sure i listen to the teachers guidance. If pupils need further guidance i shall be there to help them and make sure that i encourage all the pupils with positive feedback on how they are playing the instruments and how well they are doing. I do this so that the pupil is actively participating in the lesson. Observing the lesson whilst the pupils continue is another way i would contribute and i could also write down any notes on any difficulties the pupils may have and at the end of the lesson give some feedback to the teacher. I would help to set up the classroom and at the end I would encourage the pupils to put everything away.

What might your role be in organising, using and maintaining the learning resources, material and learning equipment for this percussion leson?

I would make sure that all the instruments were ready before the lesson begins. I would ensure that all sheet music is printed for each pupil including...