P2) Identify the current relevant legislation affecting the care of children and young people.

In this essay I will be writing about the legislations that are linked to children and young people and will be explaining how each of these care and affect each of the children and young people within their framework.

The first one I will be describing will be Every Child Matters (2003), this legislation changed for all the children; it takes into consideration their well-being. This applies to children and young people from birth to the age of 19 years. There are five things that are at the centre of this legislation this would apply to each and every child and young person.
Their aim is to make sure that every child and young person are healthy, they are to stay safe, they should make sure that they enjoy and achieve, to make sure that they make a positive contribution and they got experience economic well-being.   When working with children and young people all organizations and groups, should make sure that the children that they are looking after are out the way of harm and to help them achieves their goals within life.
The children’s and young people’s voices heard and be involved in decisions-making processes.  

Children act (1989- 2004), - The child act became a part of the legislation framework in 1989 it was put into place to ensure that all the local authorities were provided with the equal standards of provision to support the children and young people and their families within the frame work.   This act will also include  

M1) Analyse how policies and procedures help children/young people and their families whilst the child is being looked after.

D1) Evaluate the legislative rights of the child/young person and the rights of their families, bearing in mind that the needs of the child/young person are paramount.