Teaching Philosopy

When I was in high school, I was thinking what course to take and particularly my concerned was something with less in Mathematics. As I go through lists of careers, I search for the one I will make my profession. As a freshman in college, I enrolled in Philippine Women’s University and took Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Advertising Arts. I thought it was an easy course because there was only Consumer’s Mathematics but the truth was it took me eight years in college because I was working also as an artist at my friend’s company. I have several part time jobs   working at ABS-CBN CCI for two years and at Thumbnails Design Studio while I was in sophomore college.
While in college, I was active in Street Ministry of Christian Life Fellowship in Makati. I met new friends who were studying from different universities and every Saturday we will meet to go to remote areas assigned to us to preach the gospel or share something that we have worked for as a ministry. We concentrated on poor families especially the out of school children. I loved children and   I have found that there is no greater feeling than the love of a child. Over the past 3 year and a half, I have begun working with children in many different ways. I have begun to teach my younger cousins and some neigbhorhood in Manila. One parent told me that it is the greatest compliment in the world for a parent to trust you enough to let you teach their child, and an even greater compliment if they trust you enough to let you teach their child about God. At that point everything made sense. My path in life was decided, and my goals were set. I realized I wanted to teach young children and also share my talents to them.
My goals for the education profession are very simple to define. I went back to college to earned teaching units at the same time took graduate school. But after that I changed my mind and went to Cebu to take vocational course of Caregiving. While I was there, I was given a chance to teach in...