Teaching in Ll Sector

Module 4: A critical evaluation of what it means to be a teacher/trainer in my context within the lifelong learning sector.     30th November 2010
My area of expertise lies in catering, in which I gained my qualifications at Thanet College, from the college I took up various roles in the catering trade, I worked at Buckingham Palace, Balmoral castle, and The Café Royal London to name just a few. These different roles enabled me to improve my skills, knowledge, and advancement up the promotional ladder to take on more responsible duties, and trust. I now teach adult students with learning difficulties, and support them to become independent in the kitchen (as well as in the community) and to be able to produce a balanced diet. Many students have emotional issues and physical problems which can become a real barrier to their learning, therefore I tailor my lessons to suit there needs, inclusion is very important. Under the Equality and Diversity Act 2006 it is my responsibility that all students have inclusion in the classroom and in their education.   My role requires me to explain things in simple terms so that the students can understand and relate to the lesson. I try to catch their attention with wit, visual, and colourful resources, so as to aid retention and embed information, and give them a successful learning experience. If a student comes into the classroom, and is distracted, they will not be able to concentrate, this is a regular occurrence within my department. In this situation, I tend to show empathy, and ask if the student would like some time out, or speak to someone ie, the other students at a minimum.
Professionalism is a word best described as a collection of elements to which we all aspire. Thesaurus describes it as “the expertness characteristic of a professional person, skillful, possessing special knowledge.”   Not to be judgmental and to use our skills to best project our abilities and skills along with professional behaviour expected for...