Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Module One – Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Task One

Plan and deliver a 30 minute observed micro-teach. Critically reflect on your learning from this micro-teach writing a maximum of 500 words within your critical reflection. Ensure that you critically reflect on the teaching and learning approaches used, the resources that you employed and how you met all the learners’ needs.

I felt nervous and apprehensive to start with standing up in front of my peers, but felt that the micro-teach went well. I had spent a long period of time thinking about the subject I was delivering and was confident that it would be interesting for the learners and they would leave with a good understanding and a basic knowledge in relation to the colouring of hair.

When I had completed the micro teach and reflected on the actual lesson and peer feedback I realised that there were some good areas which was very pleasing however there was weak areas in the session that needed to be addressed. To help me gain the most from the excellent peer feedback and personal reflection I have decided to list the bullet points from both areas.
Good areas:
    • Good knowledge of subject matter
    • Confident manner
    • Well paced lesson
    • Good clear delivery
    • Well presented powerpoint
    • Clear aims/objectives which were achieved
    • Good practical visual aids to enhance technical points
    • Good use of flashcards to check learning of students at end of micro-teach

Weak areas/areas for improvement:
    • I incorporated two activities during the micro–teach, these went well, however I feel that it would have been more beneficial if I had used some activities that were designed for small group or pair work.
So for my next micro-teach/lesson I intend to use a combination of small/pair group activities.
    • Covering two aspects of the colouring unit was too much, I should have concentrated on just one and gone into a bit more detail....