Teaching Assistant Diploma Course Assignment 1

Teaching Assistant Diploma Course
Questions on Assignment one
“Supporting the Teacher”
Please ensure your assignment does not exceed a word count of 2000 words. You will be penalised if your submission exceeds 2500 words.
  1. Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments. (5)
As a teaching assistant my role would be to help create a safe and positive environment to maximise learning and minimise behavioural problems. One of the most important contributions would be by being proactive.
Before the lesson begins, I would ensure that a lesson plan has been developed, so that the teacher and myself are in sync with each other to help achieve the goal of the lesson, familiarise myself with the music room, know the names of all the instruments and how they work and where they are placed around the music room, so that any questions from children can be answered effectively, make sure that they are all in working order, and any damaged ones would be reported to the appropriate person. I would also make sure that there are enough instruments to be distributed amongst the children - this will help to plan whether the children need to be put in set groups, in pairs or work individually. I would know where and how the children will be sitting i.e. at desks or on the floor in a circle etc. and also where I will be sitting. Another thing I would do would be to photocopy any music sheets that will be distributed during the lesson.
During the lesson I would make sure that children are settled in class quickly without any disruption’s and help distribute the instruments in a safe manner. I would support the children by showing them how to hold and play their particular instrument, paying attention to those who seem to be struggling or having difficulty. I would make sure that any music sheets are distributed, ensuring each child or pair has one. I would be monitoring behaviour to minimise...