Teaching Assisant Diploma Course Assignment 2

Explain the five broad social and emotional aspects of learning ?

The five broad social and emotional aspects of learning are
1. Self awareness-this enables pupils to have understanding of themselves, they learn how to relate to others and learn.
When a pupil has self awareness they know the following things, how to feel good about things they do, the know they have
done well especially when its something they found hard to achieve,they recognise when they are overwhelmed by feelings,
when and how they learn most effectively, take responsibility for their action. they use understanding to oragnise
themselves and plan their learning.
2.Manage feelings- pupils use a range of strategies to recognise and accept their feelings, when they manage their feelings they can stop and think before acting,
can express a range of feelings in ways not to hurt other people, understand how they can express and change the way others
feel can adapt the way of expressing there feelings to suit the situation they are in, can calm down when they choose too,
have different strategies for managing worries, anger and other feelings that may be uncomfortable,can change the way of
thinking by reflecting on their own experiences, know they can seek support and know whats make them feel good.
3.Motivation- enables learners to take an active and enthusiastic part in learning. When motivated a child can set a goal or
challenge can break a long term plan into smaller achievable steps, plans to overcome obstaclesand celebrate when they
are achieved, knows how to evaluate learning and use this to improve future performance, can bounce back after a
disappointment or when made a mistake, knows how to overcome some barriers to learning such as feelings or boredom
and frustration and know when to keep trying something different, and can choose when and where to direct attension,
concerntrate and resist distractions for increasing periods of time.
4.Empathy-being able to...