Teaching Assistant Diploma Course



Question 1
Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments?

The role of a teaching assistant is to support learning in the classroom, and to also help create a positive learning environment.   I would contribute to this lesson in the following way:
• Before the start of the lesson discuss with the teacher the learning objective and clarify any knowledge I am unsure of for the lesson, this could include names of instruments.
• Demonstrate along with the teacher.
• Look for children struggling or unsure, possibly demonstrate again and assist them.
• Making sure general behavior of children is within the school expectations and all on task, and also the children are enjoying learning what may be a new instrument for them.
• Offer positive praise as much as possible.
• Checking for any child who may be left out and encouraging them into group.
• Getting involved myself by playing along with an instrument.
• Check all the time that instruments are being used safely.
• Assist the children in putting instruments away correctly, demonstrating so they can learn to do it independently.
• Make any observations I may have been asked to do and then complete at the end of the lesson so I can feedback to the teacher.

Question 2
What might your role be in organising, using and maintaining the learning resources, material and equipment for this percussion lesson?
My role would involve:
• Maximising learning with a safe environment.
• Follow the health and safety policy within the school.
• Discussing with the teacher what instruments are needed.
• Possibly clearing an area (tables and chairs) so the children have a safe area to work in.
• Source the instruments and check them individually for safety making sure there are no loose or broken parts.   Also that they are all clean.
• If music sheets are needed, check the...