Tda 2.1 Cache Level 2transition Effects

Rajalakshmi V

TDA2.1:           Child and young person development

Unit Reference   H/601/3305                                                                     Level       2

Credit Value       2                                                                                       GLH       15

Unit aim               This unit aims to develop knowledge and understanding of child and young                               person development and the factors, including transitions, which may
                            affect development.

3     Understand the potential effects of transitions on children and young
      people's behavior and development

|3.2 CCLD MU 2.2   Explain how to give adult support for each of these transitions.                                             |

|How could you support a child experiencing this transition                                   |Transition                       |
| Talk to them about it. Extend support and show concern to the child as well as the family. |Bereavement                       |
| Inform the child about the setting and take him/her to the setting before he/she actually   |Starting nursery or child care   |
|joins. Try to make them interact with the teachers beforehand if possible and show them     |                                 |
|around the place just to let them know how other children are enjoying there. Also parents   |                                 |
|of younger children or babies may try leaving them by gradually increasing their stay time   |                                 |
|in the setting. Begin from 1hr and then 2hrs and so on.                                     |                                 |
|The same method mentioned above can be applied here too. Elders need to also reassure the   |Starting school                   |
|children in case they feel insecured.                                                       |                                 |
|If the...