Teaching Assistant: Stlis Cache Level 3 Award Assignment 3

Q3.1 Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth to 19 years.

• 0-6 months – Physical development is rapid at this stage. Within weeks of being born a baby will start to smile and develop awareness of his surroundings and environment. Language will develop within the first three months as he learns to use his voice enjoying vocal play while watching faces and mouths, trying to mimic movement and sound. By age 6 months the baby’s muscles begin to develop and he will reach out for, and hold, objects, which will then be explored by mouth. The baby relies on the parent/carer for the provision of food and warmth to survive, and is developing aspects of movement and coordination.

• 6-9months – There is better awareness of the environment. The motor skills, muscle coordination, and movements of the baby are stronger and the baby becomes more interactive. He will sit up aided and now begin to crawl or shuffle. Baby will start to enjoy making new and different sounds and will display their feelings by crying, laughing, or squealing.

• 9-12 months – The growth and development has been rapid and baby should be trying to stand with the help of furniture and other supports. Sitting is now unaided, and he will be rolling from back to front. This is an important stage of muscle development and baby may be taking some steps. The baby is aware of other children and is interacting. He will have developed better hand/eye co-ordination by handling and passing toys and objects which he now wants to explore. As the first teeth start to appear solid foods may be introduced.  

• 12-24 Months – Psychological and mental development start to take place, and a change in behaviour as the child gains confidence and begins to develop a degree of independence. The child is more aware of his environment and is able to make decisions about what he prefers to eat or play with. He will be walking and will be able to push or pull toys at the same time. He is...