Cache Level 3

After analyzing child Z’s three different areas of development and linking it to his well being, I am able to identify that he has a low state of well being for his age. Child Z meets very few of the developmental milestones compared to other children in his class, emphasizing again his low well being. My observations and theories suggest that this is due to inside school factors and outside school factors. Due to the short time I had to observe my child my observations could be unreliable as there could be other factors affecting the child’s behavior such as bullying. This in turn could have an effect on his involvement thus affecting his well-being during that week. External factors could be as mentioned in the main body that child Z’s mother travels a lot and his father works too. Child Z may come to school craving attention that he is not getting at home.
There could be ways to help child Z’s state of well being improve. This could be done by simple methods of encouragement and praise when good behavior or work is done in both the school and home. Furthermore this could result in child Z controlling his anger and getting on with peers. Other methods that could be introduced are group activities and child Z being involved more in class, allowing him to interact with other members of his class. This could help him to improve socially and also could help him improve his English which may have an effect on his confidence allowing him to improve emotionally. In order for Child Z’s well being to improve I believe that it is vital he makes strong attachments with children in his class.