Task a Assignment 305

Information sheet
This information sheet is designed to provide you with ways to assess learning during the session, using these methods will ensure you assess fairly and effectively


Questioning can assess what learning has been achieved. Effective questioning will inspire learners to discuss and can encourage them to explore the subject matter further.

Questions that are asked during the sexual health presentation can check to see if the learners understand what they are being taught and any areas that perhaps need to be revisited.

Interviews can be one-on-one or small group discussion between the educator and learner.

An interview can be used as an initial assessment to gage what knowledge is already known or during the presentation to understanding how the learner reached there answer.


Observation assessment involves assessing practical/Aural skills, which can be demonstrated by the learner.

Observing games/activities used in the presentation can assess if learning has been achieved and areas that may need to be revisited.


A Quiz can evaluate the amount of learning taking place in your presentation; this can be a quick way of gathering information on how well your learners retain information taught.

Using a sexual health quiz during the presentation can be a fun way to test knowledge.

Role play

Role play can give learners different ways of delivering knowledge. Learners can write or perform, depending on confidence.

Using role-play as part of the healthy and unhealthy relationships activity can be used as a visual learning practice and can give the learners a better understanding of the subject matter.  


Learners view a short demonstration, record their observations, and write/perform what they have observed.

Using videos during the presentation, then asking the learners to repeat the process highlights any areas that may need to be...