Introduction to Teaching Learning Assignment 1

Module 1: Introduction to Teaching Learning Assignment 1: Group Profile |

                                                                                      Date: 01/01/12

I am a lecturer at Lambeth College, Vauxhall Centre, teaching the IMI Awards specification on motorcycle engineering, maintenance and repair. The Faculty of Technology also includes plumbing, electrical installations, building construction, electronics, IT, music production and other vocational subjects and all must be augmented with Literacy and Numeracy classes.
I cater to a variety of learners seeking a basic introduction or to achieve Level 1, 2, or 3 Certificate or Diploma. They may be school-links, special needs, 16-18s and adults of mixed gender, ethnicity and backgrounds. The majority of them intend to work for dealers in the motor trade, start their own business or get a fundamental insight to motorcycle technology on their way to university.
In the following pages I will be attempting to develop a profile for a L3 group, studying for a Diploma in M/C Maintenance & Repair.

The group consists of 14 male adult learners between the ages of 19 to 47 and they originate from Portugal, Jamaica, Ireland, U.K. and Brazil. In this group I have a lawyer, a chef, a delivery driver, a stunt rider, a couple of ex-inmates, a car mechanic, motorcycle technicians, couriers, unemployed and 3 have their own families.
They all exhibit a passion about motorsports, technology and the motorcycle industry. Most of them have some experience or subject understanding from their own bikes, some are already employed by M/C dealers, a few progressed from last year’s L2 group and a couple have no theoretical background whatsoever.
A minority finds it hard to grasp the theory concepts involved without repetition and visual aids but most fair better during practical assessments. Their level of key skills and ability is varied and reflected in their practical and written assessments and classroom...