Task 7 Cypop 5

Task 7

Play is a very important part of children's lives. When children play they are in control, can experiment, explore & put right their mistakes. Play is how children learn, it offers opportunities to investigate, explore, develop new skills & master and improve existing skills. Planning activities that are inclusive in your setting encourages children to develop positive learning environment. This means having materials, toys, resources in your setting that reflect the diversity of our society. Thus play can help Manshu with her potty training, such as roleplay with dolls could help Manshu understand all about what potty training involves. It could also make the child become much more relaxed about this step in life. For Jessica play ( roleplay with dolls) could help her understand all about her baby sister and what is happening in the changes at home in her life.

You could ask they children to help you with your daily routines letting the children learn & develop new skills. You could get the children to wash their hands so they can help prepare food, this helps them develop a good understanding of hygiene practices, which helps develop their personal, social & cognitive development.Children could help to prepare snack, helping their sensory development, using tools (suitable for children) to cut/prepare the snack helping build their physical development.   Children could then help to set the table to eat at, this will help develop their independence, it also helps them to learn to follow instruction helping their language skills., matching children's place mats to their cups & plates can also help learn matching skills, helping their cognitive development. Children could help to tidy up which would develop their social & emotional development, you could make a game out of this & count the things they pick up, helping their mathematic development. Junk modeling with the children is a good way to teach the children about recycling items from around the...