Cypop 5 Task 5

2.1 Explain key components of a healthy and safe home-based environment.

In order to ensure that I am able to react quickly to any health and safety issues, I will ensure that my training is up to date and that im upto date with the current procedures and my first aid qualification is current. If I identify that a child becomes unwell with an infectious illness, I will try to limit the spread of this to the other children by contacting the parents of the unwell child straight away and try where possible to keep them away from other children while they are awaiting collection. As I have a duty of care to the other children, I will of course inform their parents that a child has been unwell with an infection, this is believe is important as knowledge is key and I have a duty of care to the other children too.

Health and safety assessments
I will carry out regular health and safety assesments at home and have a checklist in place to identlfy an issues. I have already have cupboard locks in the kitchen. I have safety socket covers in place and a child safety gate on the top and bottom of the stairs.   There are smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors at the top and bottom of the stairs in the home.

I believe that it is important to regularly observe each child to make sure of their safety. This will give me a good understanding of their strenghts and weaknesses and highlight any areas of concern, which may involve a discussion with the parent. This will also help me when planning activities to ensure that I am doing my utmost to keep the child happy, stimulated and contented whist in my care.

I will ensure my home equipment and toys are cleaned regularly and disinfected especially in the food areas. I will ensure that the children in my care regulary wash their hands especially after using the toilet, playing outside and before and after eating their meals. I will demonstrate this myself and lead by example....