Cypop 5 Task 6 3.1

Task 6


Explain the importance of partnerships with parents for all aspects of the home based childcare service.

It is very important for me to have a good partnership with all the parent and carers of the children in my care.   It is essential for me to have a good relationship with parents or carers as they are the primary carers for the child. Children will learn their values from parents as well as behavioural attributes. Parents will teach their children about race, religious belief and in the multi-cultural society we live in today we need to be mindful of the various cultures and religions of the children in our care. Children will bear the most influence in values and behaviour in their attitude and development gained from parents and carers. I think it is important that a childminder in our society be aware of other’s cultural differences and the fact that some changes and negotiations with parents will need to be met.

I would work hard to create positive relationship with parents, carers and family members of the children in my care by building trust.   I would work with the parents by talking to them about the child’s day, their development and achievements. I hope this would build peace of mind of the quality of care the child receives in my care as well as enabling continuity between my setting and home. I would show the parent that my setting is a safe, happy and stable environment for their child.

Working in partnership with parents and primary carers will enable me to provide the best care for their child. Having a good relationship with the child’s parents or carers will enable the exchange of information to be easier and more relaxed and over time I will gain their trust and will make them feel confidant. This can in turn make the separation for the child from their parent to a new carer within the setting much easier and being able to share as much information as possible with the parents will help to meet the child’s needs...