Taras Shevchenko Essay

In Ukraine, there are famous poets. But probably the most known poet from Ukraine is Taras Shevchenko. Taras is a poet, writer, artist, public and political figure, as well as folklorist and ethnographer. Shevchenko was born in March 9, 1814, Moryntsi, Ukraine.   Does anyone know that there is a monument of him in Washington DC? And a lot of monuments in Europe also. He is the most known for his book “Kobzar”. And his famous poem “Zapovit (the Testament)”. Throughout all his years of living he lost so much and but still he is one of the greatest poets in the world. Also he had a lot accomplishments such as Kobzar. Every Ukrainians know what is “Kobzar” who wrote it, and also Taras’s writings formed the foundation for the modern Ukrainian literature to a degree that he is also considered the founder of the modern written Ukranian language.
He loses his mom when he is just a child and then after few years he loses his dad also he is 14 by that time. And there are a lot of struggles throughout his life. Indeed he loses a lot of stuff and he has not great life at all. His parents were serfs on the land of V. Engelhardt. When he is a child his mom died and his father married for a second time who had 3 children of her own.(notes: Web site #2). She cruelly treated her foster children and, in particular, little Taras. She doesn’t like Taras because, he is a child from the first wife. But because his dad is near him he can protect Taras from her. Unfortunately when Taras’s father died he is by himself nobody would help. So he goes to work for precentor who just arrived to Kyiv. In that time Shevchenko familiarized with some works of Ukrainian literature.All those struggles are result of his loneliness. All started from his mom’s death.(notes: Web site #2). After his mom his dad also died but still he raised up from knees and started his own life. Nobody helps him only by himself.
He has a lot of different talents. He started writing really early by himself and only for...