Around the world people have there favorite thing Foresample some people have a favorite
type of car , others have a type of music and then theres some people that have a favorite type of
dance step. the point is that everyone has a favorite thing. i have a favorite animal. that animal is a
Monkey. here are three reasons why i like Monkeys !
One of the reasons that i like Monkeys are becausethey are cute! there cute in many ways.
one of the ways that a monkey is cute is because there ugly and cute at the same time. my second way
is that they were diapers and that makes them look like a baby so they look cute !! my third way is that
when they play with you thay coudle with you!! ant that is soo cute !!
        My second reason for liking Monkeys is that there are very smart. One of the ways that they are
smart is because when you tell them to do something they will do it ! My second way is because they act like humans sometimes. My third reason is that they walk like us humans in two feet !! and they
aometimes understand our language !!
                  My last reason why i like monkeys is because there funny ! there funny for three reasons .
one of them is because they act like little babies ! and they drink out of a water bottle and everything !
there also funny because they make funny faces.. and they act funny and cute ! and lastly my third reason
is that there soo small and hairy!! :)
Somepeople may agree with me that monkeys are the cute ,smart and funny but others may
not agree with me ! some people may like other random things !! but i like animals exspecualy Monkeys !
there something speacial to me !!

                                                                                                              Jessica Espinosa :) 11-16-09 2nd period...