Characteristics of Expository Essay

Characteristics of Expository Essay Checkpoint
“Setting the Table”
“How to Clean Fish”
On my expository essay checkpoint I chose the “Setting the Table” and “How to Clean Fish” articles. These essays have the same purpose to explain to the audience on how to set up a table and how to clean fish. The steps in the articles presented evidences and examples to explain its purpose. The essays contain facts to explain a concept about the topic that made the essays more effective.
The author on “Setting the Table” organized the essay through informative process. The steps include the proper setting of silverwares, glasses and plates on the table. It also demonstrates what are the proper material and decoration to use in a table setting. It also provided facts that made the demonstration more effective. I think the author chose this organization to be effective, by stating facts that supported the author’s idea it made the expository essay effective. If the author used different type of organization it might not be effective as this essay, because with this essay the author chronology arranged his essay and explain what the author is trying to explain.
On the other hand, the author of “How to Clean Fish” he used more in the topic organization. The author provided ways on how to clean fish and examples on what kind of fish is used in that process. In this essay the author didn’t explain his points through step by step process but provided ways on how to clean it. I think the author chose this organization because the author is effective on providing ways on how to clean a fish without stating it chronologically.
These two essays were alike by trying to explain how to do things. One is explaining how to set a table and the other how to clean fish. Both gave examples and facts to explain their topics. The difference between the two essays was how it was written. The “Setting the Table” focused on step by step order on how to set a table. The other one was...