Gm Swot Analysis
Capstone Buss 460JR1
Week 3 Summary
Jacqueline Gray
This week we worked on a SWOT Analysis for GM. GM SWOT ANALYSIS
  Name Recognition
      Corporate Strategy
      Quality improvements & perception there of
  Cut production overseas, cut some health care costs
      Concentrating on smaller more efficient cars
      Expansion of their global presence
  The decline of market share
      High pension obligations & healthcare costs
      Lack of differential products
      Unfocused product line
      Unresponsive corporate culture
      Too much investment in SUV’s & Trucks
  Intensify of rivalry among competitors worldwide
      Weak consumer confidence and tight credit
      The volatility in fuel prices
      Government legislation (J. Geesman, 2008)
    Marketing Strategy Development
  Modify the company’s US product Portfolio, towards more fuel   efficient cars
      “Reduction in brands, name plates, retail outlets, to focus   available resources and growth strategies on the company’s   profitable operations.” (GM case, 2009)
      “Renew marketing strategies and processes
      Have more reliable customer profiles
      Better collaborate with R&D, production
      Increase customer demand and satisfaction” (Market research,   2009, p.1)
    Products & Development
  Apply to the mature US market
      Add on differentiation to existing products
      Generate more demand for the market
      Close or sell some of GM brands, Pontiac, Buick, Saturn, Saab,   GMC, and the Hummer
      They should keep Cadillac, and Chevrolet
    Gm can save billions if they cut back to two brands that represent the soul of GM. With fewer brands, GM would no longer have to maintain as many dealerships.
By doing so, GM’s distribution strength in rural areas, which is a significant competitive advantage, will be largely preserved.......