Swot Analysis

The business plan for the Health Spa SoulSpace contains many aspects.   The
spa is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, and is striving towards being their number one
premier spa.   This business is a partnership between three individuals; Steve Long,
Debbie Long, and Linda Hill-Chinn.   All three own equal portions of the business.   The
spa will provide hair styling, holistic massage, body work, and energy work services
(BPlan 1996-2010).   According to the BPlan (1996-2010) the owners made a name and
slogan to sum up their goal and promise: “SoulSpace Holistic: Spa and Salon—
Rejuvenate Your Life!”
The company has come up with ways for marketing their business.   The
company’s targets are salon customers and spa customers.   They are targeting males
and females that are professionals and retirees.   This is a high class spa that will need
high income families.   They are looking for professionals that will be willing to spend
money to keep up with the current styles and the professional look.   The company has
done the research of the marketing growth the company can achieve from the location
they chose, because it is an up and coming part of town.   They are also targeting all the
surrounding areas with advertising and promotion.   The strategy for SoulSpace to be
successful contains three elements; service, unique atmosphere, and community
relationship (BPlan 1996-2010).   SoulSpace plans to have the competitive edge,
because of their services, advertising, and promotions.   They want to stand out from
any other spa or salon by having these successful elements.   According to BPlan (1996-
2010), “the management philosophy of SoulSpace is based on respect for each of our
fellow employees, respect for every customer, and individual responsibility.”   SoulSpace
will have a general manager, assistant, manager, ten stylists, three massage therapists,
one energy therapist, one nail specialist, and two to three receptionists.   Due to the...