Swot Analysis

SWOT Analysis: Bronzed Tanning Salon & Spa
Rikki Sawlsville
BUS 210
Jason P. Chamberlain
For my SWOT analysis I choose to research the tanning salon business plan and incorporate it into my business I am creating for my final project which is Bronzed Tanning Salon & Spa. In order to conduct a SWOT analysis I had to review the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to make sure that before I actually follow through with my business that I had all the potential what ifs, downfalls, and possible failures out of the way. I also needed to have in mind what it is exactly I have to provide for this business and some things I might look for in my employees to bring to the table.
The first question I ask myself is what are my strengths that I have that will make this tanning salon a successful one? The biggest thing is my passion for tanning and how much I love it. Throughout my high school and college years, tanning was basically an obsession of mine and I often spent many hours researching all the different ways to get the best tan which included everything from what beds to use, what lotions to use, what after tan lotions to use, and even body scrubs that would benefit your tan. I explored many different tanning salons in my area to get a variety of ideas for my own tanning salon. I have made sure that the products that I have available for my customers are top of the line and well known. Also I want them to be affordable for my customers too. The thing that makes Bronzed different from other tanning salon is that we have researched what exactly tanners want, including the variety of levels, the flexible hours, and the great locations.
My biggest weakness as an entrepreneur opening a tanning salon in the Appleton, WI area is the amount of competitors. There are a number of different tanning salons here in the fox valley all in which offer a variety of different tanning beds, lotions, and pricing so I have to come up with a strategy...