Swot Team Analysis

Week 4 Assignment-SWOT Analysis
BUS 210
February 7, 2010

    The Bronx Deli & Bakery has a number of strengths and a tremendous chance for success. The owner and manager of this restaurant has ten years of experience in the food industry, and has previously managed two other deli/bakeries in New York City. Each business that was managed by Mr. Barry Cohn in the past, reported positive feedback and results from his expertise and leadership. Zoey’s Deli & Bakery experienced a 15% increase in business, and Sherman’s Deli & Bakery was able to cut back on production cost by 16% over a four-year period. Mr. Cohn is familiar with the basic business model for this type of operation and the experience needed to manage the restaurant employees.
    Another important strength of this business is the variety of products offered, under one roof. The Bronx Deli & Bakery will include a bakery and coffeehouse, along with entertainment and fun, laid back atmosphere. There is no other restaurant in the immediate area offering the menu items that The Bronx Deli & Bakery will provide to customers. This business promises to produce high quality products for affordable prices.
    The Bronx Deli & Bakery location is also a great advantage for the business. The restaurant is located in Willow Creek, a community of twenty five thousand that has experienced continuous growth over the past ten years. This figure is grows everyday with the families who express an interest in the new housing and business rehabilitation in the Willow Creek area.
    This is also a prime location because the restaurant is less than one block from the State University campus, within walking distance of retail shops, as well as The Arts & Crafts Festival. The Bronx Deli & Bakery will reap the benefits of the college students walking back and forth to campus for classes, the shoppers of the multiple arts and crafts stores, and the people who participate in the Arts...