Situation Analysis (SWOT)

  a. Organizational Strengths
  i. There are approximately 70% market share in relation to the market for heavyweight motorcycles.
  ii. Has its operation in the manufacture of motorcycles, and is also active in providing financial services.
  iii. The only American brand manufacturers of heavyweight motorcycles.
  iv. Has a strong brand and is well established in the consumer’s mind with the image of "freedom and strength."
  v. BRAC (Buell Riders Adventure Group), formed to support the brand and engage customers leverage their standard of fidelity.
  vi. Custom Motorcycles is a significant amount of revenue for Harley Davidson.
  vii. Excellent relationship with the supplier, so that the integrity of the work and performance is achieved without the expense of quality.
  viii. Strong image with respect to the goodwill of the factors (the company has its employees to join with communities to lend a hand.)
  ix. Strong and durable long-term relationship with employees.
  x. The company admits SNBC (Breast Cancer Network of Strength).
  xi. It is also compatible with the MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) and has done so in many ways helped the association with regard to research and development, providing financial resources.
  xii. Strong marketing and distribution channel in the U.S.
  xiii. Enlisted in the Fortune 500.
  xiv. Customer loyalty first and foremost strength of the company (Once a customer buys a motorcycle, jacket, scarf, etc become a part of it).
  b. Organizational Weaknesses
  i. They are charging high Price from customers.
  ii. Loss of market share steadily, especially in the European market.
  iii. Analyze future production needs heavyweight bike is weak, because the required production quantity is not met.
  iv. Poor marketing techniques that is not attracting new customers in the international market.
  v. Many people also fear of being classified as...