Team Analysis

Team Analysis
Ebony Georgie
Mgt 521
September 11, 2010
Dr. Suzanne Cherry

Workings in teams are a big factor in a working environment. Groups are challenging, demanding, and tough at times, if the effort is not put in to improve.   Developing teams can help members in any situation that is why it is best to know each strengths and areas for improvement. When working in a group each player should try to understand each others personality traits.   In Dr. Suzanne Cherry’s Management 521 class, two groups were assigned to make an observation of their team charter, trust, and personality scores that exist within their group.   In studying these, the members in Team A: Ebony Georgie, Willie Hill, India Archie, Shanna Bowers, and Kathy Colleton will need to compromise and try to understand each others behavioral traits to work together.
Team members in Team A; India, Willie, and Shanna have a low tolerance for procrastinators and patience (Georgie, 2010).   This may become strenuous on member Kathy because her area of development is time management (Georgie, 2010).   If each member does not consider everyone else areas of improvement there will be a clash between those who have a low tolerance for procrastinators and patience, with member Kathy who needs to improve her time managing.   One way to stop this disruption is communication among each team member because it can stop any disruptions from happening.
      Trust is an important factor in any group because one has to be dependent on each other for deadlines, meetings, and performance.   Every member in Team A except Ebony Georgie has a minimal or high faith in trusting others (Georgie, 2010).   Ebony has a very low faith in others and needs to develop this skill.   However, those who have high faith will depend on others to accomplish existing tasks; although Ebony will take it on herself to get it done.   Despite that team member Ebony needs to focus on gaining trust of others she is aware of this fact and will...