Swot Analysis

SWOT Analysis:
Construction Business Plan
Fosse Commercial Contractors


Michael Hobler

Mark Dockter
University of Phoenix

Problem Statement:
Even though Fosse Commercial Contractors are looking into their future, they forget to take into effect the economic situation that could arise throughout the years.
SWOT Analysis
Strengths and weaknesses:
Fosse Contracting stays focus on its financial stability and focuses on satisfying it customers. The company was started in 1985 as small business and expanding out over the years, by staying focused and with gaining reputation of their services. The two partners in the firm have divided their roles were Mr. Fosse does the bidding and dealing with the marketing and Mr. West who is the General Project Manager. They have found ways to stay competitive, but also to cut some of their expensive by a relative of Mr. West in the lumber business to limit the cost of materials and to gain an edge.
The company has a wide range of marketing that helps get them jobs, by their reputation, using local businesses as referrals, radio ads, real estate companies, and by ads in magazines. The company is a part of the local construction association which allows them to see the new bid projects that were just opened.
The company looks into forecast of its sales and creates a plan to help them on their bidding for the customers. They have strategic plans to offer the most service at affordable cost. In their bidding process they look at ways to help emphasis on their quality, timeframe on the job, and on lower cost to outbid their opponents.
The companies weakness is that it hires employees through a contractors-temp, so in the long run they are paying more to have that company find it workers with the skills need for their jobs. Also with hiring employees this way the company can’t always be sure of what type of employee it is getting.
With the expansion of the company...