Swot Analysis

Swot Analysis of Ford Motor Company
Strengths of Ford –
Brand Image- Ford brand is well-known in automobile industry. Its brand image is well
know in the global markets due to huge marketing & advertising.
Online Marketing capability - Ford is one of the well-known automobile company which is
providing the online consumer selection of cars through its website. In online the consumer is
allowed to customize the engine, colour, interiors and exteriors.
More consumer choices – Ford is one of the automobile company which is providing the
consumer more variety of cars and commercial vehicles. Ford is manufacturing fallowing
kind of vehicles.
Commercial Vehicles (Jeeps, Vans, & Trucks)
Heavy Vehicles.
Operations and distribution efficiency - Ford is the rich in its operations and distribution
because it is operating its business more than 30 countries and it enhances its manufacturing
process more than ninety plants.
Relations with high profile companies - Ford Company is maintaining the relations with
high profiled companies like Suzuki and Isuzu Motors Company to develop qualitative
vehicles and in the part to technological aspect for motor company is maintaining relation
with Toyota and Honda motor services.
Employee are assert - Ford motor car company recruits a qualified and skilled employees in
all its functions. Ford will maintain good relation with the employees by paying them betterwages in automobile industry. Ford is more concerned about the working environment andsafety aspects of the employees.
Weakness of Ford –
Sales Decline -The sales figure of the ford company was declined from the year 2008 to
2009 due to global recession in the world financial market. Recession is one of the major
factor for decline of sales and one more important factor is ford will manufacture the standard
cars which are not able to cope up with current market automobiles.
Huge unfunded pensions and other obligations -Fordis one of the...