Swot Analysis

Bank of America SWOT Analysis
Reginald Ezeh.
University of Phoenix
MGT/521 – Management
Maria Keller, EMBA
December 20, 2011

SWOT Analysis for Bank of America.
      I have the role of a mutual fund manager who will be deciding to invest or not to invest in Bank of America.   The framework I will be looking at for this paper will be doing a scan of the company to review their internal and external departments.   The areas I will look at will be their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and all of these will lead me to develop or see the Bank of America SWOT matrix.   This matrix will lead me to the conclusion either to invest or not to invest in this bank.   SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.   The strength and weakness are the internal components, whereas the opportunities and threats make up the external components.
This is the time to look at what will make Bank of America have superior advantage over its competition.   I found many things about the Bank of America and I will list a few here:
  * Bank of America has many products and services for their diversified customers, these couples with all their services can be accessed on the Internet with certain restrictions to protect the bank and public.
  * A member of the Dow Jones and the S and P 500 index.
  * Bank of America is the second biggest company in the United States that do not deal in crude oil.
  * Its customer satisfaction is high as well as great customer service; these culminate into a very good brand name.
  * Global consumer and small business loan is the banks biggest section that generates the most profit.
  * Bank of America has favorable access to distribution networks to get information and services to its numerous customers worldwide.
  * Bank of America has a worldwide presence; as a result...