Swot Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Strengths Weaknesses
• Has a solid name – Boost Juice has a sound reputation.
• Has extra money to invest if more is required – since Boost has a sound profitability with its other chains around the world
• Brand name – Boost has a brand name that is known in most countries around the world, with Boost being the biggest juice and smoothie chain around the world • Language barriers – Will need to learn to speak Vietnamese
• Equipment – Will need to move all equipment into Vietnam which can prove costly
• Relocation costs – will have to relocate staff to Vietnam to watch over the business in the beginning months. Can be costly and difficult now relocate these employees.
Opportunities Threats
• Vietnam produces many exotic fruits - this will make it able for Boost to use ingredients not found in Australia and develop new flavours for its product.
• Vietnamese labour is cheap and cost of production might be low.
• The product can be used in different styles of advertising using the Vietnamese context in order to create awareness. • Low exchange rates – Since the Vietnamese Dong is significantly lower than the Australian dollar, profits might not be very high for Boost Juice.
• Infrastructure (electricity, roads, railway system and ports) is under-developed.
• Economic crisis in Vietnam can affect its sales
• Local and existing substitutes might be cheaper and more easily available.
• New product on the market - People might not be aware of the product and it will take time to make the latter accustomed with the Boost products.
• Fruits – although Vietnam has many fruits, the fruits that are needed in the current products may not be available in Vietnam or may be expensive.