Swot Analysis

  *   Instructions

This Friday the teacher asked a SWOT analysis according to our reports. As we don’t have informations on the company we just have to analyze the « O » (opportunities) and the « T » (threats).
Thus you have to read the 2nd report « Economic analysis » that I have uploaded and pick up all informations that you think might be opportunities or threats for our business. Put just one information on each square. Just explain briefly every time why it is an opportunity or a threat. After taking all informations you have to rate it from 1 (no really relevant) to 10 (it really impacts our business).

After that send me the document I will re-design it to have a standard format.

If you have questions tell me.

I need this document for Tuesday 9th

PS : informations which are already in tables come from the « Cultural analysis » that’s why you don’t need to read it.
SWOT Analysis
It has six neighbors : Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Nepal, Burma and Bhutan >> it is the most developed country among its neighbors | 3 |
7 000 kms of coastal line >> large areas to welcome ships | 3 |
½ of land are used for agriculture | 2 |
28 millions of inhabitants in the two major cities | 5 |
The literacy rate in India has increased from less than 10% in the 20’s to around 75% in 2010 | 5 |
The literacy rate in urban areas is 80% | 6 |
Changes in family with trend to be nuclear instead of extended | 5 |
Democratic country | 6 |
India seems to be one of the Asian country who suffered the less during the crisis | 9 |
India is a member of the International Patent Convention >> possibility to protect with a pattern the capsules and the coffee machines | 6 |
In 2001 more than 377 millions citizens live in urban areas | 8 |
The official languages of the Union Government of the Republic of India are Hindi in the Devanagari script and English >> more easy to promote the product if the english is one of the...