Sustainablity Essay

December 13, 2010
ASB 102-Lesson 4
For many years, cultures have lived off the earth’s natural resources and were able to survive by adapting to their changing environments.   The earth was seen as a never ending and unlimited resource that could be use to survive.   Yet, these resources are not going to last forever, as we once thought, which is where the means of technology and industrialization plays a factor in our food production and way of surviving at the present time.   The term sustainability was never an issue until we learned that the earth’s natural resources are being depleted and that some of these resources are not able to keep up with our ever growing population. Today’s global economy and population growth are two linkages that cause stress on our economy and environment.   With these two stressors we have found a way to meet the demands of the people who eat fish and other sea food to survive, by messing with the natural resources and using a way to create more of what the people demand.   On such means of production is fish farming, it is considered one of the fastest ways to have sea food readily available, however it has consequences.
The growing population has the fish farming industry trying to produce more fish. The use of industrialized fishing has its rewards, such as producing the sea food consumers’ demand and it also has its repercussions, such as creating unsafe and contaminating natural environments.   The fish farming industry is an animal husbandry and pastoralist, raising animals for food and other products.   Food foraging has been a way to gather and hunt food; however, there are more efficient strategies to produce food and to get food.   With Industrialization and globalization new forms of food production have developed such as, Commercial fishing, Subsistence strategies within industrialized settings,   are a very different type of maritime exploitation, these men are competing against each other at sea,...