Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools Level 2

  1. Describe how you have contributed to the planning, delivery and review of activities.
When I get to school every afternoon, I look at the daily plan to see what activities we will be doing in class.   I get the resources ready if needed for the afternoon’s activities which can involve photocopying work, making sure the class has the supplies needed and getting resources ready for the numeracy lesson which the children have straight after lunch.   On a couple of occasions, we have deviated from the numeracy lesson planned, if we feel they still need to work on what they learnt the previous day.   We are allowed and supported to do this as it’s us leading the activity with the children and our feedback is very much wanted and appreciated.  
If you see the diary entry attached, this will show you how we delivered a lesson on adding using dice and how we involved the children in the learning.
After each phonics or number lesson, we feedback to the class teacher with details of the children who enjoyed the lesson, understood what we were doing but also the children that struggled and if any of them misbehaved.
At the end of the day, I help set up the tricky fingers trays for the following morning. We rotate 5 activities around each morning so each group does a different task every day.   This can involve photocopying more resources, making sure pencils are ready for use, setting up tables with paints/play doh/paper etc and making sure colour groups are on each table so the children know where to go when they come in each morning.