Ncfe Level 3 Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools, Unit One


  1. Know the structure of education from early years to post-compulsory education.
  (a) Summarise entitlement and provision for early years education.
Entitlement of early years education;
Under the Childcare Act 2006 every 3 and 4 year old is entitled to receive free early years education of up to 15 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year.   Some 2 year olds are also entitled, dependant on certain requirements such as receipt of benefits or whether they are a Looked After Child.
Schools will offer places to children from the September after their fourth birthday. They are entitled to 38 weeks education per year. This is not compulsory until the beginning of the term following their fifth birthday.
All early years education providers (with the exception of Nannies and Home Carers) must follow the Early Year Foundation Stage Profile (EFYS) which sets out a framework for learning, developmental goals and care for all children from birth to the end of their Reception year.

Providers of early years education;
Children’s Centres - can be found nationwide and provide a range of services for families with children aged 0 – 5 years old. Services can include drop ins, support, childcare, nursery provision and information giving services such as the Job Centre and Citizens Advice.
Day Nurseries - usually provide child care all day. They can be run privately, by the Council or by a work place.
Playgroups and Pre-schools - usually provide educational play sessions of about 3 hours a day for children aged 2 – 5 years old.
Nursery - providers are often attached to schools and are open all day during term time.  
Childminders - are self-employed individuals who provide child care throughout early years and beyond, usually in their own home.
Nannies and Home Carers - are individuals who look after children in the child’s own home.
With the exception of Nannies and Home...