Supporting a Individual with Pressure Care

Supporting a individual with pressure area care.

A new admission arrived at Woodlands HFE on 23.08.14 from hospital. As i am already aware that there is a greater risk of elderly people being discharged from hospital with some kind of pressure sore in the form of grades 1-4 with grade 4 being the highest. So firstly i need information about Mrs S and to do so i go to her care plan which will have all information required from hospital discharge and the assesment carried out by my manager before Mrs S comes into the home. Within these documents it told me that Mrs S has a grade 2 pressure sore to the top of her bottom which will be being seen and treated by the district nurses. It also informed me that Mrs S requires a pressure relieving mattress and cushion for the chair which must be used at all times. Also when in bed Mrs S needs to be on a 2 hourly turn chart alternatively turning her from her right side to her left which will relieve pressure off her bottom but also not putting much pressure on either side.
    Myself and my colleague then changed Mrs S mattress and her cushion to pressure relieving equipment which will help with the healing process.   Mrs S asks me to help her into bed as she is tired and its has been a long day for her. I put on my appron and gloves to protect myself and Mrs s from infection i then help her with undressing, washing and into her nightwear explaining at all times what it is i am doing and keeping the communication flowing . Upon doing so i noticed that there is no dressing applied to Mrs S pressure sore and that it looks very red and sore. I ask Mrs S if it is ok that i contact the district nurses who will come and look at her bottom and apply a dressing for its protection in which she agrees it will be the best thing for it. I then assist Mrs S into bed explaining that i am going to lie her on her right side for now and that in two hours i will positional change her to relieve pressure to her body. Upon leaving the room i...