An Individual You Are Caring for Burn Themselves While They Are Preparing a Meal . Describe the Actions You Would Take.

Door C, Flat 3,
Gublew Tal-Fidda,
Taz-Zwejt, San Gwann

8th November 2011

Dear Alex,

In the morning at 7 am the take over about the residents is done from the nursing in charge. Afterwards the trolleys are cleaned and breakfast is prepared in them. A choice of weetabix, milk, yoghurt, bread, ham, cheese and eggs is given. The residents are to be washed and than taken to breakfast. After the breakfast the trolleys are to be clean. The milk, yoghurts and other foods are place in the fridge. The plates, cups and cutlery are gathered after the breakfast, and the tables are cleaned. For lunch time bring the walking residents to the dinning room. Help the nurse in charge to give them the food diet. Than we have a half an hour break. In the afternoon the trolleys are prepared again for tea time and sometimes cake and after the cups are collected. Once again the trolleys are prepared for dinner time and the residents are taken to the dinning room. The plates are collected. The residents are taken to their beds. This is the work setting of the day of a care worker.

Some responsibilities are to be taken as a care worker. Make sure the resident is in a sitting position when eating and that they have eaten, if not report to the nurse in charge. You have to know if the resident is allergic to any type of food and if they take thickness with liquids. The yellow card means diabetic and the green card means full breakfast. You also have to know what to do if a resident chokes.

You have to be knowledgeable about the care for the elderly and about certain diseases, for example diabetics and dementia. You have to know the activities of daily living so that you can help the resident to be more independent. Show empathy to the resident and communicate with them.

Supervision and support are an important part of being a care worker. You need to be motivated to learn more and identify certain problems and mistakes done. It also helps you to view thing more positively...