Supply and Demand Coca Cola

Supply and Demand- Jacqueline Guthrie

      The Coca-Cola Company has defiantly expanded themselves over the years. At the start 124 years ago Coca-Cola has expanded there line up of beverages to over 3,300 different products and distribute the products not just here in the United States, but in over 200 countries worldwide. When the product first launched in 1886 the developer, John Pemberton, had no idea of the success he would bring from this product. In the first year he only sold a total of 9 glasses a day of Coca-Cola and a century later turned that into 10 billion (coca-cola, 2006).

Over the years the demand of this product increased and the supply would also have to increase as well. The demand of this product has only increased because of the consumers still buying. With the country in a mini recession in 2008 and 2009 a company like this seen little effects of the demand decreasing. In the third quarter alone in 2010 sales for Coca-Cola have increased by 5% and are still on the rise and the projected forecast of the product is do to increase 9% in the next quarter and 13% overall for the year (coca-cola, 2010). So, where you may see a decrease in the number of homes being purchased and jobs being cut in this economy because this company stays competitive with all the other beverage industries the supply and demand of labor will not show much decrease. This is a product that the consumers can still afford. Between restaurants, bars, vending machines, the grocery chains, etc. Coca-Cola is still everywhere you turn around.

I project that as the population increases so will the demand of this product, and with this product being worldwide it only is going to keep them on there solid ground, because while the US may be having difficulties in the Economy not all countries are. If for some reason Coca-Cola became non-competitive from the market then I would possibly see a decrease in demand from the consumer, though I can’t see this type of business...