Successful in High School

Since I came here to Texas State, I heard many things about my graduation status in high school, words like, “ You are not qualified to graduate this year “, and those words made me think that I had been in High School in vane for the last two years.
I couldn’t believe in those words, I almost drop out school because of my anger in that moment, I wasn’t thinking that good, but the only thing I can remember are my father telling me one time, “ I will be proud of you when you get that diploma, even though I won’t be there to admire my own son being happy because of his hard work“, those sentences were kept on my mind the whole time, wishing that day to come true. From that moment I believed in my father’s words , and no matter how long it would take , I promised to myself to not give up.
I understand what my dad was trying to say, and it meant to me like, “ I want you to be a successful person in this world, and be what you want to be , and I will support you , no matter the circumstances “, I believed in myself and giving me a small hope deep inside me.
I started to work hard as I can , for example : staying after school everyday , going early in the morning and going to school in Saturdays, those tiny things are a big accomplished in my life .
Everyday when I look back what I have done in this whole time , it makes me feel proud of myself because I couldn’t believe I did all this credits so fast , but still missing a few credits to graduate I already set that goal . Something may happen during this time , and event though I couldn’t make it , it wont be in vane because I will keep working hard , and all this is not just with my credits , its with every decision that I will take in the future . Challenges are a lot , and with experiences are a few , we all have to know which one are to one who will come with some good experience with it .  
Nobody can tell you what you are not able to do , the one who can tell you those things is you . To those people who...