High School or College

High School or College?
A college freshman would be the perfect person to ask “what is the difference between high school and college?” College and high school differ in many ways. The teachers are different. The time schedule is different. The living situation is different. The only thing that really remains the same is how you learn. High school and college are more different than they are alike.
When you were in high school you had four teachers you saw on a daily basis. In college you don’t get to see your teacher every day. High school is a constant classroom learning environment with your teachers always reminding you what is due and how to do something. When you’re in college your teacher gives you a syllabus. Your syllabus has everything that you need for that class. It has your materials list, book list and even a schedule for homework and assignments. If you’re lucky your teacher will put what lesson or chapter you will be working on that day. In high school you don’t get that luxury, you get a syllabus but it’s nowhere near as detailed as the ones your college professors will give you.
High school hours are usually from 8 to 3. That is a solid seven hours of class or more a day, for five days a week. During this time, you seem the same teacher at the same time every day. I am sure some high schoolers might think that is boring. The time schedule is much different when you get to college. You can have a class as early as 8am or a class that gets out as late as 9pm. The average high school has a five minute window between classes. In college you can have anywhere between ten minutes to hours of free time between your classes. This free time can be used for studying, socializing, exercising or eating. The lunch schedule in high school is the same every day, in college it’s not. You only have the same class every other day, so you don’t always have the same amount of free time every day, therefore, you don’t go to lunch at the same time every day....