High School Verses College

School Difference
You’re a recent graduate of Leeward Community College thinking back about how much time you spent in college and the four years in high school, the amount of money you spent for every class you had to take, how different the school size is, and even though the parking lot was huge there still wasn’t enough parking stalls for every single student. These are just some of the differences between high school and college.
The first difference between the two is cost. In High School since schooling is free, there are only a few things that you would have to pay for really; for example: your yearbook which holds that school year memories, your lunch, the field trips, all the sports games you attend, gas if you drive a vehicle and the parking pass that the students were allowed to have providing that their GPA was above 2.5. Although in college, you pay just for this semester alone, $74 per credit, you need money for your lunch if you want to eat in the school cafeteria unless you eat at home, you need to pay for every single book that is required for your class, and if you class goes on a field trip you would have to pay for your vehicles gas/admission if needed.
Another difference between the two is the school size. Pearl City High School is pretty big. There are 5 building sections: “KLM”, “AB” “CD”, and “EF”. Both KLM and AB buildings have 4 floors, CD building has 3 floors, E building has 2 floors, and lastly F building has 1 floor only because it’s the auto mechanic room. KLM and AB buildings were supposed to have 5 floors each but it wasn’t finished, I’m not sure why the reason is. Just about all the classrooms have a one door entry exit way; there are only a few classrooms that have a 2 door entry exit door. As for Leeward Community College they have only 2 floors with many buildings. Each section is labeled, and there is roughly a building for every subject. Just like Pearl City, Leeward also has a several classrooms with 2 doors....