Color Changing Flame Candles (High School Setup)

A Color Changing Candle:
Changing the Color of a Candle Flame by Replacing the Fuel
Proponents: Group Purple
Evan Lao
Andres Claparols
Josh Lam
Submitted to: Mr. Mel Andrew Chua
Date: 2/5/09

I. Abstract

The purpose for this IP is creating a new kind of candle contrary to its monotonous glow of yellow. Since there have been single colored flame candles already, this IP sought to investigate the development of a multi-color or color-changing flame candle. The procedure for this candle is actually very simple. Without hardeners, due to lack of time and resources, the product of this IP was designed to use the alcohol lamp concept, which incorporates liquids as a fuel. Basically, one would just pour in the fuel then add a layer of wax on top so the solution won’t spill. Trials for this candle have proven effective and vibrant, but there seems to be a problem with the scent and of course, the fact that the product is not yet a full-fledged candle. Nevertheless, we can therefore conclude that as far as the concept is concerned, this IP is a success since the product was still able to glow a color-changing flame.

II. Acknowledgement

Many Thanks to:

Mr. Uy Khiek Peng
Sakrete Enterprises

For donating propylene glycol to the group

III. Table of Contents

IV. Introduction

Background of the Study

      Candles are a very common product worldwide and have significance in most areas. Candles also come in many shapes and sizes, some for the purpose of excitement and decoration. However, their uniqueness is limited to the shape. Our group decided to further the uniqueness of a new kind of candle solely for the purpose of decoration or excitement. Inspired by the beautiful flames created during a flame test, our group aspired to incorporate this process into a candle. Our group aimed to create a candle with a colored fire instead of the usual luminous yellow. The candle would not be limited to this however, as the group also planned to...