Strategy Map

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Strategic Plan

Public Safety Economic Development Clean, Healthy Environment Culture, Arts & Recreation Educational Enhancements Effective, Efficient, Economical (E3) Government

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Strategic Plan

Dallas City Council

Mayor Tom Leppert

Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway - District 4

Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Pauline Medrano - District 2

Delia D. Jasso District 1

David A. Neumann District 3

Vonciel Jones Hill District 5

Steve Salazar District 6

Carolyn R. Davis District 7

Tennell Atkins District 8

Sheffie Kadane District 9

Jerry R. Allen District 10

Linda Koop District 11

Ron Natinsky District 12

Ann Margolin District 13

Angela Hunt District 14

Table of Contents
Dallas’ Strategic Plan Introduction and Background for Dallas Strategies Plan from Mary Suhm Mission, Vision, and Core Values City Council Key Focus Areas Key Focus Area: Public Safety Key Focus Area: Economic Vibrancy Key Focus Area: Clean, Healthy Environment Key Focus Area: Culture, Arts and Recreation Key Focus Area: Educational Enhancements Key Focus Area: Efficient, Effective and Economical Government 3 4 6 7 8 11 14 19 23 25

Dallas’ Strategic Plan
Tom Leppert Dallas Mayor

I am pleased to introduce the City of Dallas’ Strategic Plan covering the 2010-11 timeframe. Now, there are plenty of good plans sitting on the shelves of City Hall, corporate boardrooms, and university libraries that haven’t seen the light of day since being written, either because they read like scholarly publications or because the plans were never tied to actions. So we have written this small work to tell a simple and clear story about where this organization – your City of Dallas – is headed and how we intend to get there. More than 12,000 City of Dallas employees, including your elected and appointed officials, are covered by this document. In fact, they wrote it. It all began with a simple idea. My colleagues on the City Council and...