Telenor Pakistan

Table of Contents

Introduction 2
Organizational Strategic Aims and Objectives 2
Progress towards Strategic Aims and Objectives 4
            Strategy Map 6
Strategic Options and Revised Strategic Position 7
Porters Five Forces 8
Conclusion 10
References 11
Appendix 12

The Telenor Group is one of the leading companies of Norway and Telenor Pakistan is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telenor Norway. It started its business in Pakistan in March 2005 and by providing different services to its customers at high quality; it has progressed rapidly and has become the fastest growing mobile network in the country. Today its market share has increased to 24% which is second to mobilink. Telenor Pakistan has a network of 23 company owned sales and service centers, more than 200 franchisees and 100,000 retail outlets. Its coverage extends to 1252 cities and villages of Pakistan.
The current strategy of Telenor includes maintaining and attracting the customer base by providing value added service to its customers that make the lives simplier. The strategic aim and objectives of Telenor or any other company must align with its core values and vision. Similar corporate, cultural and ethical values make achieving strategic objectives easy. In achieving the strategic aims it is important to analyze the external and internal environment. Various stakeholders also play a crucial part. For any organization it is necessary to constantly check these factor and ensure that the strategy that it is following is favorable according to the environment it is in and if not then search for revised options

1. Be able to review and determine the organizational strategic aims and objectives
The mission and vision statements of an organization convey the direction of the organization and therefore play an important part in communicating the organizations...