Strategic Operational Issues

Strategic Operations Issues

Executive Summary

The intent of this proposal is to identify, recommend an improvement and highlight the benefits that can be gained for a current operational resource issue at Eastcoast Development Engineering Pty Ltd that is the result of a trade-off from improving another operational area of the business. In January 2014 a new project control and invoicing process and database ‘Jobpac’ was introduced in the operation that has resulted in a greater span of control for the business.

This proposal briefly explains the operational trade-off issue that has resulted from the introduction of the new Jobpac database, examines the details of the current task process that is utilised by the business and explores the options the business has to rectify the negative impact of the change.

The strategic objective of the Eastcoast Development Engineering Pty Ltd business is to ensure the business receives above average returns on technology investments and make certain that operational functions are acknowledged as the most important feature to ensure productivity is at a maximum.

By implementing the practical recommendations made in this proposal; many benefits can be achieved by the organisation from ensuring costs are aligned to the needs of the business, work is managed effectively and the business focuses on the operational requirements foremost to meet the strategic goals of the organisation.

Background Information

Eastcoast Development Engineering Pty Ltd (known as EDE hereafter) is a Brisbane based engineering, manufacturing and maintenance business serving the resource industry throughout Australia and the Pacific Rim. 

EDE specialise in the manufacture of pipe spooling in carbon, alloy and stainless steels, as well as heat exchangers, pressure vessels and storage tanks. The organisation also has a project management division servicing civil, mining, oil and gas and government industry sectors.

In April 2013,...