Operations Management

The day-to-day creations and delivery of goods and services of a company are defined as Operations Management. First off, what are Operations; they are the key factor in any organization. This is how organizations are born and grow around the world. Operations Management can be best described as “the business function that organizes, and controls the resources needed to produce a company products and services”. Operations Management can be also seen as a business function which enables organizations to effectively work out the delivery of their products and services to the customers in a timely manner, and is the management of systems or processes that create goods and or provides services, through a series of operational tasks.
So where can Operations Management be found? It’s is in every process that the day-to-day operations of goods and or services provided, through organizations or companies. It is easily seen in the things consumers buy. It is in the products that are produced. It is in the services we provide through organizations or social services. There are three sectors in which the products and or service are delivered. The business world is rapidly changing and needs new technologies and innovations, in which to compete with the world wide competition, because of these reasons, organizations that produce things; need operations to be strategic and have operations managers to manage their resources strategically.
So what are Strategic operations Management? Strategies are ideas to develop and achieve organizational goals. These have a deep impact on what the organization does and how it does it. These strategies provide scope for decision making within the organization. The strategy of an organization can either be long term, or short term. Strategies are designed to reflect the mission, vision, goal and core; of a particular organization. Operations managers need to develop these new strategies to cope with competition. With management becoming...