Operations Management- Increasing Efficiency in a Hospital

1.0 Introduction

A report has been requested by Dr Basil Derovo lecturer of operations management. This report focuses on operations management issues within ‘The good Health hospitals’ Specialist Pre-operation consultation service. Essentially, this report has been requested as the private hospital aims to increase general efficiency within the SPoCS department, decrease waiting times, and satisfy the hospitals stakeholders, through the effective management of the supply chain.   This report aims to identify a bottleneck within the current hospitals operations, and additional problems within the operations carried out at The good health hospitals SPoCS department. In doing so, the report will also supply The Good Health Hospital with recommendations and a justification for the implementation of these recommendations, aiming to increase the overall efficiency of the hospital, benefiting the hospitals internal and external stakeholders.

1.1 The background of ‘The Good Health Hospitals’ SPoCS department

The main purpose of the SPoCS department is simply to determine and analyse and assess a patients fitness for pre-operative anesthesia. The Good Health Hospital aims to provide all of it’s patients with a high quality service, which is both patient and family focussed. However, with the current hospital operations, the SPoCS department is finding it increasingly difficult to provide such a high standard of service to it’s private patients, due to high waiting times. In addition, patients on the receiving end of the service feel that their needs are not being effectively catered for and instead they are receiving a poor standard of service. The afore statement has been proven within the complaint letter listed in the case study, where a patient conveys her anger at the SPoCS process through the use of words such as ‘aggravating’ and ‘finally’.

The length in patient waiting times was a considerably high variable, with the average waiting time being 2 and a...